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Tai chi Club

For about ten years, in our mountains, our club brings together a dozen people who practice Tai Chi, martial art that cultivates internal link between intention and movement. Which contributs to the harmony of body and mind. For relaxation and happiness.

Every Monday evening, the club meets for two hours of exercises.
Once a year, in autumn, a professor of international stature, Jean Michel Chomet, (see website) comes to the village to run a course for a weekend of Tai Chi .

The practice of Tai Chi requires no special physical fitness.
Sometimes we do evenings when we watch Asian films and eat and drink nice things.

We would be delighted to welcome people from other nations.

Participation in regular activities of the club costs € 8.50 a year.

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Activity Tai Chi
Contact : Chantal JEAN
+33 (0)4 66 45 83 80
+33 (0)6 68 14 87 78
+33 (0)6 68 14 87 78
Time table : 2 hours monday evenings
For whom : for all
Where : multipurpose room
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