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L'arbre aux abeilles - tree trunk bee hives

The club "Tree trunk bee hives" was founded on May 27, 2008. Its aims are to: "Undertake communication activities, research and development based on traditional knowledge associated with tree trunk hives."

Our objectives and actions in progress or planned primarily concern the conservation of the black bees, as they live in our mountains where we operate.

This is consistent with the restoration and restocking of hives trunks that are here the traditional homes of the black bees. And of course this means proper beekeeping operations, livestock, experiences, etc..

Our communication efforts are directed towards the present and the future, they include a whole range of communication approaches, sharing of knowledge to all types of public. Travelers, children, elderly, beekeepers ...

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Bee keeping for beginners
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Credit : Thierry Vezon
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Tree trunk hives
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Credit : Thierry Vezon
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Contact : Yves Elie
(+33) 4 66 45 83 16
Where : on the main road
between the temple and the Tarn river
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