TOURIST OFFICE : all the information you need about the Cevennes of Mont Lozère

At the heart of the Cevennes National Park take advantage of our natural landscape shaped by agriculture and our quality local products.

Stroll our many hiking trails to make more intimate acquaintance with this wild country. Relax with your feet in the water, or at the table of a good restaurant.

Enjoy natural sports with profesionals that will transmit their love and passion for this unspoiled nature and guide you through an unforgettable adventure.

Discover a country founded on a strong past of history that has evolved by cultivating a unique quality of life.

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Contact : Sylvie, Vincent
+33 (0)4 66 45 81 94
Where : Le Quai
48 220 Le Pont de Montvert
Association Cercle Lozérien de Généalogie :   
Association des métiers d'art :   
Association Football Sud Lozère :   
Association L'arbre aux abeilles : Tree trunk beekeeping  
Association Les amis du livre : Reading group  
Association Les sources vives : Tai Chi  
Cineco : cinema club twice a month  
Comité des fêtes :   
Foyer Rural Passe Montagne : concerts...  
Sur le chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson :   
• Association cultuelle protestante
• Association des parents d'élèves : bingo ...  
• Atelier couture
• Club d'anglais
• Club de vannerie
• Cœur de cible : darts  
• Les accrochés : climbing  
• Les Monts Verts
• Société de chasse : Hunting club  
• Société de pêche : Fishing club  
• Trait d'Union