We are ...
Nastasia who is from Auckland, New Zealand, spent a lot of time in our small village in le Pont de Montvert, in the South of France (see film). She lived with her French friend Camille (the young girl pictured with a heart made from snow).

Nastasia appreciated and adored the peace and quiet of our mountains, the ways of life, the historical hidden traces left by the Huguenots and the Cathars. She loved taking part in local activities and especially speaking with people who had time to chat with her.
Nastasia from Auckland
Today, Nastasia has returned to New Zealand. Her experience, like others who have ventured into this region, gave us as villagers and local people in charge of associations and the running of the community, the desire to welcome more people from other countries across the world.
Full of enthusiasm, Nastasia showed us that our village offered a truly unique way of discovering France, offering an in-depth experience to rural French culture far different than the experiences gained from popular visits to major cities.
So the people in charge of the local community created the idea for this website to promote a quintessential experience of Southern France.
We welcome ...
People with or without children, who are seeking to spend several months discovering France, to come and visit us on a summer holiday and we will find you lodgings - In short time you will be experiencing and taking part in the ways of our village life. We have a range of activities and associations you can become engaged with.
It is possible to come and visit us whatever your age - there are a good local facilities and modern medical care if required. But above all there is fresh air, beautiful countryside and excellent food!

It is required that you are financially autonomous and that you like the peace and quiet of nature and the mountains.
We provide...
A large choice of personalized lodgings, including a dozen or so apartments, charming houses located in the center of the village and other locations a few kilometers outside. See the list of contacts and emails persons/coordinators in charge.
You can also see the list of the different Clubs and their activities.
Upon arrival, each participating visitor will be welcomed with an apéritif offered by the community.
We advise...
In our village when one crosses a car one says hello with a wave of a hand or with a nod of the head. However, there is very little traffic in our village and obviously there are no buses, subways or trams! Ideally you should come with a good bicycle or a car, or a horse, or arrive on an ass - like Robert Louis Stevenson did when he visited us!

.... The village charm ....  

Cevennes national park
the tarn gorges
secured trecking tracks
Bondons menhirs
Horse ridding school, and skiing resort

.... Facilities .... (+)  

Grocery shop
Baker, Butcher
3 Hotel- Restaurants
Bar-Tabaconist, Snack-bar
Hair dressers
Petrol station
Local productors market the wednesday

Library, cyberbase, post office

.... Kids and young people .... (+)  

Primary school
Play school, Summer school
Sports centre, indoor climbing wall
Secondary school
School buses

.... Health .... (+)  

Home carers
Doctor, homeopathic Doctor
Nurse, Physiotherapist

Hospital at Mende or Alès (1hr)

.... Spiritualism ....  

Temple, Church,
Sunday School (catholique and protestant)
Protestant spiritual club

.... Network ....  

TER Génolhac
TGV to Paris from Nimes 5hr
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  bed and breakfast
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• Child(ren) - 2 yrs old
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Association Cercle Lozérien de Généalogie :   
Association des métiers d'art :   
Association Football Sud Lozère :   
Association L'arbre aux abeilles : Tree trunk beekeeping  
Association Les amis du livre : Reading group  
Association Les sources vives : Tai Chi  
Association Office de Tourisme : Tourist Office  
Cineco : cinema club twice a month  
Comité des fêtes :   
Foyer Rural Passe Montagne : concerts...  
Sur le chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson :   
• Association cultuelle protestante
• Association des parents d'élèves : bingo ...  
• Atelier couture
• Club d'anglais
• Club de vannerie
• Cœur de cible : darts  
• Les accrochés : climbing  
• Les Monts Verts
• Société de chasse : Hunting club  
• Société de pêche : Fishing club  
• Trait d'Union